December 29, 2022
through January 1, 2023








Mega Sessions

Join 1,000 of your friends in one of two amazing Mega Sessions hosted by our good friends Dick Brogden or Winkie Pratney.


Encounter Workshops are designed to help you dig deeper into the topics you care about.  Led by Chi Alpha staff and friends, Encounter Workshops meet in smaller groups to allow for discussion and more intimate teaching.  Get a peek at the topics below so you can be ready to make your choices at SALT!

20/20 Vision for Global Missions

Gain clear vision by hearing daring stories and daunting stats from boots-on-the-ground missionaries in difficult places. Prayerfully brainstorm where you fit into taking the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Led by the Spirit

A few years ago I challenged myself the with question, “How can I show the love of Jesus to someone today?” and it changed my life.  God is inviting us to go to work with Him every single day to be a part of Him changing people’s eternities, but are we willing to embrace the “awkward’ and be lead by His Spirit?

Single But Not Alone or Secondary

Sometimes being single is not actually our choice.  How we handle our lives and live them is always our choice though.  It’s time we stop putting our value in whether or not we can convince someone to date us, and understand the value that the Lord has placed inside of us and the life He has entrusted us to live.  We have only one life. We can spend it wishing for what we don’t have, or we can live it to the fullest no matter what.

Life As We Know It

Life after college can look vastly different than anything we have known.  What happens when community and the body of Christ doesn’t look like your Chi Alpha group?  How do you commit to and plug into something so different? What about discipleship? How do we navigate spiritual conversations and friendships in the marketplace? How do we find the Kingdom aspect in even the seemingly “unspiritual” and mundane tasks in life after college?


Intimacy with God. That is the goal. Let’s talk about the dangers of when we forfeit intimacy with God, and we seek intimacy in things like porn, masturbation, and unhealthy relationships. Yes, I said it, now let’s talk!

Making Disciples of All Nations

Many people from cultures who have limited or no access to the gospel are living next door to us and studying on our campuses. What are we doing already that works and what would we need to do to cross cultural barriers so that these international students can be discipled from friendship to leadership and sent as Christ’s ambassadors to unreached areas of the world?

Biblical Boundaries in Human Sexuality

Have you ever wondered what the Bible really has to say about sex and topics related to it like pornography, homosexuality, transgender, and masturbation? We’ll journey through the Word together to explore human sexuality, as God designed it. Join us for an important discussion to get your thoughts in line with God’s!

Crucial Conversations for Everyone Standing at the Door to Discipleship

Whether you are a new believer or someone who is just curious about what this “discipleship” thing is all about, these conversations are for you. Disciple makers or young believers, this conversation will help you equip them to walk through the doorway of discipleship into the family, until Kingdom come.

Doing Relationships the Godly Way

This class will give you biblical and practical tips on how to walk out a Godly relationship! Everything from asking someone out, physical and emotional boundaries, and more!

(MEN ONLY) Make America Great Again - How to be a free Man in an age of weak will-power

Are Christians destined to struggle with sin or is the victory promised in the Bible actually attainable? The Holy Spirit can help us end the war inside of us and free us to live out God’s calling on our life with power!

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The baptism in the Holy Spirit takes the most unruly of man’s members, the untamable tongue, and brings it under the Spirit’s submission and authority. The symbol of rebellion is redeemed into a fountain of intimacy and power. You who are seeking to enter into the fullness must trust the promises of God that He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Come and be  filled with the Holy Spirit and experience the Gateway into supernatural life.

1st Hour: Teaching on the Holy Spirit
2nd Hour: Time of prayer for Holy Spirit Baptism

The Cure

If Jesus is supposed to free me from sin, why do I struggle? Am I not actually saved? Does the Bible not actually mean what it says? What do I do when temptation comes?

The Covert Killer

The world of media and entertainment holds such extreme but unrecognized influence in our world.  It is the height of foolishness to think that we can pursue, for entertainment, things that break the heart of God and be unaffected in our relationship with Him and in the level of power and authority we walk in.

This Pickle Will Change Your Life

There is a standing call on the life of every believer to irreversibly transform cucumbers into pickles.  With just the right mixture of spices and vinegar, it can be done. Some might even argue that if you are not in the pickle business you are not actually following Jesus.

Is Support-Raising Biblical?

Are you considering a short or long term call to missions? Join us as we explore what scripture says about raising financial support to fund missionaries as they further God’s Kingdom.

Thinking About Becoming A Groovy Campus Missionary?

Have questions about doing a Chi Alpha internship?


Conference Guide

Check your Conference Guide for speaker, location, and time of each Workshop!