Style Guide

This is the official style guide for South Central SALT 2022.  Please use these official elements in all your design work related to the SALT Conference.  We want to present a cohesive look for the conference, one that communicates the high standards with which SALT is planned and executed!

SALT Logo & 2022 Adaption

The hexagon S is the official SALT logo and can be used wherever needed to promote the conference from year to year.  Annual adaptations should only be used to promote the corresponding year’s conference.

Color Palette

These are the main colors we are using to promote South Central SALT Conference this year including the related codes for the major color models.


RGB:  249 | 90 | 86

CMYK:  0 | 85 | 63 | 0


RGB:  215 | 233 | 41

CMYK:  24 | 0 | 100 | 0


RGB:  83 | 4 | 69

CMYK:  58 | 100 | 36 | 40


RGB:  74 | 118 | 182

CMYK:  78 | 51 | 0 | 0


RGB:  233 | 149 | 72

CMYK:  0 | 51 | 91 | 0


RGB:  214 | 214 | 214

CMYK:  15 | 11 | 12 | 0


RGB:  49 | 45 | 47

CMYK:  68 | 67 | 61 | 62

Widescreen Promo

Use these files to make announcements at your meetings.  They are formatted to fit a widescreen display (16:9).

Instagram Promo

These files are designed to use on your group’s Instagram feed for general conference promo.

coming soon

Key Styles

Grid Layout

The primary style element for this year’s design is the grid layout.  The grid can be simple or complex, as you can see in the sample grids below, as long as it varies large blocks with smaller ones.  Bump the sections of the grid right next to each other with no spaces or borders.

Vertical Text

Use vertical text as decorative elements within the sections of your grid.

Kiss Alignments

Kiss alignments are when one element’s edge touches the edge of its containing element.  Use kiss alignments liberally within your grid.

offset placement

Instead of placing logos and blocks of text centered within their grid sections, try an asymmetrical alignment in some of your sections.  You can see this in the promo graphic with the alignment of the wavy SALT logo.

Graphics & fonts

Halftone Photos

These photos make great backgrounds for your grids!

Want to try your hand at making your own halftone?  Follow these quick instructions:

Load your photo in Photoshop (I use the latest version in CC).  Double-click the Background layer to promote it to a standard layer.  Double-click the new layer and apply a Color Overlay with the color of your choice from the palette above.  Under the Filter menu, choose Pixelate and then Color Halftone.  Try using 8 pixels and if it distorts the image too much, try 12.  All the images I created for this year’s design package used either 8 or 12.


Usage Guide:  You can use this font as-is for a quick and easy headline.  If you want something a little more dramatic, you can fill it with the Neon Pink to Neon Yellow gradient or outline with the same Neon Pink to Neon Yellow gradient.


regular headline styling


alternative headline solid styling


alternative headline outlined styling

Regular Text

Usage Guide:  Always use Roboto Condensed in all-caps and bolded!  You can apply a 5px letter-spacing to create an alternative style with this font.


regular paragraph styling


alternative subheading styling

GUEST Headshots

These are the official SALT headshots for our speakers this year.  They are not formatted to fill a large space so they should be incorporated into a larger design.  Please check the spelling of our speakers’ names before publishing any promo pieces!

Evening Main Speaker

Curt Harlow

Bayside Church, California

Morning Main Speaker

Jennifer Schiefer

University of Central Arkanas

World Prayer Host

Cynthia Dobbs

Oklahoma State University

Conference Host

Eric Treuil

South Central Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A.


Conference Host

Elizabeth O’Brien

University of Central Arkansas

Worship Leader

Cullen Williams

Texas Tech University