XAMK Activities, Staff Workshops, & More!

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Staff Development

We love our XA Staff!  While your students are engaged in Workshops, we offer you value-added options to strengthen your leadership skills and communicate important information for you personally and for your ministries.  We hope you will enjoy these staff development activities at this year’s SCSALT!

Jonathan Bryce

Faith & Finances:  Jonathan will share some of his personal commandments of successful support raising and help break some of the stereotypes that have held others from doing the same!  If you are not teaching a breakout you need to be in this session!

Friday, December 30

Main Speaker Q&A

Curt Harlow, pastor of Bayside Church, will share tips on longevity in ministry, improving your communication skills and will be open for some incredible Q&A!

Saturday, December 31

XAMK Welcomes Your Kids!

We are so excited to have your kids with us in our South Central XAMK program!

Your preschool and elementary children will learn how to be Faithful Bible Investigators as we go through our extensively fun FBI agent training!  They will learn how to seek Jesus and find His answers for life in the Bible.

Our dearest South Central youth will have the opportunity to hear from our very own South Central XA missionaries as well as build memories with their peers that will impact eternity!

We are eager for the Lord to move this year at South Central SALT!

Who is XAMK for?

Our XAMK program is available for registered children ages 0-12 years and youth ages 13-18 years!

When is the XAMK Program?

XAMK programs will run during all Main Sessions and Workshops. Please note that there is no XAMK activities during Campus Group Processing times.

Where is the XAMK Program?

All XAMK rooms, including Kids and Youth programs as well as the nap and nursing room, are located on the 37th floor in the Majestic Rooms. You will need to take the Center Tower elevator to the 37th floor.

What to Expect

Drop-off begins 15 minutes before the start of each session, but be mindful of the elevator ride up to the 37th floor – you may want to start heading that way a little early to have time to check your children in before your session begins. Please pick up your XAMK(s) within 15 minutes of the end of each session.

Nap & Nursing Rooms

For our mothers with little littles, we have two Nap and Nursing Rooms available:

  1. There will be a nursing room available on the same floor as the Main Sessions in Pearl Room 5 for any mother who needs to slip away during a session.
  2. There will also be an additional Nap anda Nursing room on the 37th floor right beside our infant XAMK rooms.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email!